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McClintock Corporation Commercial Painting, Painting Contractor and Painting Company

Located in Houston servicing Houston, Sugar Land, Humble and surrounding areas

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Commercial Painting in Houston, TX

With over 70,000,000 square feet of painted surfaces covered throughout the southern US, McClintock Corporation has provided exceptional commercial painting services since 1978. Our experienced painters have steadily grown to a team of 50 uniformed professionals who have consistently delivered top-notch service, products, and expertise to Texas. Specializing in both commercial and industrial buildings, McClintock Corporation has been entrusted with painting numerous successful Houston area projects, completed with precision and accuracy. Our corporate fleet of fully equipped vehicles can travel and accommodate virtually any Houston area location to expertly fulfill a comprehensive array of professional painting services that include, but are not limited to:

  • Sizable exterior buildings / structures
  • Ample and intricate interior areas
  • Commercial and trade centers
  • Urban, community, or industrial exterior expanses (I.E parking garages, lots)
  • Industrial constructs or formations (I.E tanks )
  • Systematic pressure washing (both commercial and domestic)
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Houston, San Antonio and Austin Painters

There are many reasons that customers choose our commercial services. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • A professional staff with quality service as their main priority.
  • Clean and friendly professional painters.
  • A clear and concise warranty on all services detailing your services and the protection you receive.
  • Brand name, quality paint on all projects that we handle - at no additional cost to you.
  • Up to $1,000,000 in Liability Insurance.
  • Involvement in our local community.
  • The right tools for the job, every time.

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In addition, McClintock Corporation has long been recognized for its flawless painting services to Houston area luxury residential homes. We offer general liability coverage for property and personnel, further ensuring the well-being and comfort of our clientele. General contractors, homeowners, entrepreneurs and tenants alike can rest assured that our dedication to safety, along with our strict adherence to government regulations and industry standards, is of the utmost importance.

Even a minor first time project for a new client is typically, never our last. The McClintock dedication to quality and excellence has been recognized by satisfied customers and the subsequent creation of its solid reputation as a consummate painting service has endured for 40 years. Companies and residents of Houston, the state of Texas and its neighboring states, can trust McClintock Corporation to 'get the job done right the first time' with quality workmanship that keeps clients coming back again and again.



Great paint company. High quality commercial jobs.

- Ruben Salais

Mcclintock painting hands down best painting company coming out of Houston

- Sebastain Saldana

- Kevin Rodriguez

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