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Wall coverings

With over three decades of creating streamlined interiors for commercial establishments in Houston, the state of Texas and its neighboring states, McClintock Corporation offers vinyl and fabric wall coverings as a functional and stylish alternative to their consummate painting services.

A far cry from the one dimensional 'wallpaper' it once was, vinyl/fabric wall coverings has evolved to become a preferred option for enhancing the interior of any industrial establishment. Many institutions have discovered the numerous advantages provided by this efficient, as well as decorative design choice; valued for its easy maintenance, durability, and improvement of surface and wall resilience.

Wall Painting

Vinyl/fabric wall coverings are ideal for:

  • Healthcare establishments (hospitals and nursing homes)
  • Academic institutions (schools, learning centers)
  • Administrative buildings (offices - large or small)
  • Leisure industry (hotels, cruise ships)
  • Community organizations (Churches, civic and public buildings)
  • Multi-unit dwellings

Decorative wall coverings provide a variety of design options. McClintock Corporation offers a wide range of colors and textures to refresh and enhance the interior of any commercial space. In addition to breathing new life into a workplace environment, vinyl wall coverings can be a significant component in a sensible building maintenance plan, while serving to create and considerably enhance a desired image for any Houston commercial or community enterprise.

Clients in Houston, Texas region can create their own unique wall designs with the help our experienced team of specialists. Choose from a variety of textures that range from heavy duty, industrial vinyl, to fabric or wood wall covering. With extensive experience in vinyl/fabric wall covering application, this design alternative to commercial painting can be completed by our uniformed workforce without mess and minimal interruption to everyday administrative activities. McClintock Corporation consistently employs state of the art techniques and offers trusted quality brand name products tailored to suit any financial budget. If you live in the south and are looking for a highly trained team to install your wall covering then remember McClintock Corporation.

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