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Commercial Painting

McClintock Corporation is skilled and experienced in providing painting services to commercial properties in the Houston, San Antonio and Austin area, whether they are interior or exterior jobs. One of the most important considerations of commercial painting jobs is the possibility of lost time while the painting service is being completed. McClintock Corporation prides itself on providing speedy yet quality services in order to prevent significant loss of business time for your clients or employees.

Wall Painting

To the founder of McClintock Corporation, experience has shown that when seeking commercial painting services, clients require quality products, expert craftsmanship, and minimal disruption of their day to day activities. Our qualified and sizeable team of uniformed painters can achieve a polished and distinctive image to either the interior or exterior of any corporate enterprise or organization that can significantly enhance its professional image within a community. A properly maintained commercial building that includes skillful painting services also acts as an added safeguard for the structure itself and can reduce overall upkeep costs. Trusted with painting the Texas Governor's mansion and the Georgetown County Courthouse, McClintock Corporation is recognized for their attention to detail and quality workmanship on Houston area establishments and throughout the south.

Family owned and operated since 1978, McClintock Corporation has provided services for several Texas institutions including the University of Houston, ISD schools in both Houston and Galveston, grocery and other recognized chain stores, hospitals, and numerous industrial and community establishments in both their external and interior expanses. Heartfelt participants in the restoration services during the aftermath following Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana, the McClintock family is proud to have maintained a satisfied clientele throughout their several decades of commercial painting services to Houston area residents.

Unparalleled experts in the proper application of vinyl/fabric coverings and thorough and efficient pressure washing, McClintock Corporation offers quality workmanship for the lavishly residential, to luxury retail; the established industrial, and to the stately institutional.

Commercial painting services for:

  • Multi story commercial buildings
  • Luxury homes
  • Heritage institutions (I.E. Churches)
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Commercial centers/Exposition halls
  • Housing complexes estates
  • Tilt wall building
  • Industrial lots and structures
  • Parking garages and industrial expanses

Each project is sustained with considerable liability coverage and upheld with the highest industry standards for safety and inspection, with rigorous adherence to legislative regulations and procedures.

For close to four decades, McClintock Corporation has built a solid reputation as an exceptional commercial painting service largely from the word of mouth testimonials of its satisfied clientele in Houston, the state of Texas and its neighboring states.

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